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Did you know, LICM has donated almost 4,000 books and resources to Counselor offices, half-way houses, 

youth recovery centers, support groups, prison ministries, and several individuals who need them.
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Need Hope?

Seeking Joy? 

Want Freedom?

Does your future seem unclear?
Are you filled with fear and anxiety?
Have you lost hope?
With everything going on in the world today, many struggle to hold onto hope. In this power-packed workbook, Patty Mason helps you discover the hope God has given you to overcome every circumstances, both now and in the days to come. 

Are you feeling trapped emotionally? Are you ready to break the cycle of pain and come face-to-face with lasting joy? God gives us everything we need to live a victorious life. 
Learn six biblical strategies to break free from emotional pain and
live a life FILLED WITH JOY! 
Great 6 week small group study or mentoring tool
Millions are suffering, facing an onslaught of pain and despair that seems unending. Countless individuals are trapped under the weight of depression. Where is help?  Where are the answers? Can freedom even be theirs again?
Patty's story of deliverance from depression Includes practical tips for helping a depressed loved one.  

Bible Studies

Go Deeper

Desire More

Dare to Dream

Our greatest calling in life is to know God and make Him known.
Do not settle in your pursuit of God.
Know Him as your Father,  Bridegroom, Shepherd, Healer,  Redeemer, Friend, Warrior and King. We are to be witnesses of God, so we may KNOW Him personally, BELIEVE Him unconditionally, and UNDERSTAND His heart (Isaiah 43:10).

Resources Supporting this Study: Leader's Guide (included in workbook) and a 10-week DVD video series.
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God created us with desires that only He can fill, but so often those desires become buried under the trials of life. In this book, Patty takes you on a journey of pure desire,
helping you discover the very thing you were created for.
Dare to dream.
Dare to take the journey of a lifetime.
Dare to be Transformed by Desire. 

Book Version
For shorter homework lessons, use in place of TBD Bible study.
Jesus is the Divine Bridegroom, and He longs to share a timeless love with His church that transcends all understanding--a love affair that will open her eyes and bring her into deeper levels of revelation of His Person and Personal love.
Come, embrace true desire and go from pauper to princess as you realize God's lavish love for you.

Resources Supporting this Study:
a free downloadable
Leader's Guide eBook,
plus an 11-week video series,
The Journey of Transformation.  

Video DVD

Fresh Explosion of Hunger

Unforgettable Journey

This 10-week video series accompanies Know That I AM God Bible Study, and is taken from the commanding book of Ezekiel where God continually declares, " will know that I am..."  Through the Prophet Ezekiel, God revealed His ultimate glory and showed His people that He and He alone is God.
DVD not sold separately
A Journey of Transformation is an
11-week video series that accompanies Transformed by Desire Bible Study, and takes you on a passionate voyage through the Song of Songs,
revealing the love of Christ
and the transforming journey of
His bride.   

DVD not sold separately

Audio CD

Anchor for the Soul

Restore Lost Joy!

This 8 week audio CD 
can be used with 
The Power of Hope workbook.
Find Hope in Hard Times, Hope for Depression, and Hope for the Future.

Workbook and Audio CD can be ordered together or separately.

Great for small groups
Feeling helpless and hopeless?
Is depression, fear, and anxiety consuming your life?
 It's time to Bring Back the Joy! 

 Find joy in the midst of daily routine.
Allow God to stir up more joy while you drive in your car, workout,
or clean your house. 

FREE Resources 

Increase Joy!

Spiritual Journal 

Treating Depression

You were designed to know and share in the joy of your Master.
God wants you to experience joy and to enjoy your life.
​In this free download, learn 7 effective ways to increase your joy, no matter the circumstances.  
The Lord tells us in His word to "take the revelation and write it down." Taken from Transformed by Desire, this journal accompaniment will inspire you to fall more deeply in love with Jesus. 
When treating depression we must focus on the whole person:
mind--body--and spirit.
Learn to understand where the depression originated, and the steps you can take to begin overcoming  depression pain  

Meet The Healer

Helping Someone you Love 

The more we come to know God, the more we will be able to discover, embrace, and live in freedom.  Sample Know that I AM Bible Study through Week Seven, Know That I AM Your Healer. 
To sample a video lesson 
visit our video page
When a loved one suffers from depression, your support and encouragement can play an important role in his or her recovery. Learn some practical tips when dealing with depression in someone you love.